Ready to upgrade your appliances, but not sure where to begin? From layout and functionality, to saving energy and getting the perfect brew to start your day, we can help you get cracking with 5 things to consider before you buy.


The layout of your kitchen can determine the appliances you can purchase. If you’re simply updating the appliances in your home, note the size of your existing oven/range, oven hood, refrigerator, built-in ovens, etc. prior to your search.  If you’re looking to update more than appliances, like including some custom cabinetry and new countertops, then you’ll have a little more flexibility to include that new range that you’ve been dreaming of.


Consider your lifestyle before stocking your kitchen with shiny new appliances. Consider if you like to entertain (this may be great for an island, built-in convection oven and a stove-top) or if you have a chaotic schedule and could benefit from a speed-oven that can cook food in almost half the time. Whatever your needs are, be sure to examine them before heading out the door or hitting google to shop.


With so much new technology on the market, eco-friendly products are not just great for the environment, they’re also great for your wallet. Selecting the right dishwasher can save you a decent amount of cash and a lot of hassle. Check out our dishwasher recommendations here.


Are you an entertainer or a coffee-lover? Keep in mind you can customize your home to make it more convenient to enjoy the things you love! Make your preferred brew with Thermador’s 24-inch Built-in Coffee Machine, or sip on your favorite vintage at the exact desired temperature from one of Miele’s wine units.

5.Choose “Smart”

Speaking of technology, the ability to run your appliances and your home altogether from your phone has never been cooler! Make your favorite brew right form your mobile device with Bosch WiFi Coffee Maker or run your favorite Miele appliances from an app.

Ready to get started? Contact our team today or visit our showroom in the Naples Design District! From custom cabinetry, doors and windows, to top-of-the-line appliances and more – our experts you have covered.