At Design Studio by Raymond our staff will show you how to protect your home and family from harsh effects of the Florida climate. Check out three options that homeowners are doing now to ensure they are prepared for the next hurricane.

1. Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters are one of the most popular types of hurricane shutters due to the cost and the ease of use when preparing for a storm. The shutters stack on each side when they aren’t in use and unfold like an accordion to cover the window. Homeowners with large windows, sliding glass doors or areas where the strongest possible protection is desired love securing their Florida home with the accordion shutters. Using the top brands, Design Studio by Raymond will support you with choosing the best shutters for your home.

2. Hurricane Fabric & Screens

Hurricane Fabric and Screens

Most homeowners have heard about hurricane impact windows or shutters but another option to protect your home is with hurricane fabric or screens. The high-strength, high-tenacity fabric protects from wind, water and flying debris for up to a Category 5 hurricane. A great function with the fabric is that the material is translucent allowing light to enter your home unlike most traditional hurricane shutters.

3. Hurricane-Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows

Homeowners are rushing to replace their current windows with hurricane protection windows that withstand hurricane-force winds.  Even if the glass is damaged, the windows will remain securely in its frame to keep the elements outside. At Design Studio by Raymond, we offer the industry’s leading brands like the WinGuard® PGT Windows and Andersen Windows + Doors with Stormwatch protection.

The WinGuard® PGT windows have sold and installed more than 4 million products around the world, receiving ZERO reported impact failures. The windows offer UV protection helping your carpet, artwork and drapes retain their beauty outside of hurricane season.

The Andersen Windows with Stormwatch protection test their windows with the strictest standards in the country. Most window manufacturer test their windows once by hitting them with a piece of plywood but at Andersen Windows + Doors they ensure that their windows withstand multiple hits by debris and undergo pressure tests to ensure that they will withstand hurricane conditions.

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