Want to do something fun to prepare for Halloween? Use power tools to carve and design your pumpkins. You’ll take fun to the next level while carving out a cool niche for yourself with pumpkins that appeal to adults and kids. Of course, safety comes first and only adults should use power tools.

Before we get started with giving you some exciting tips and tricks, here are a few tools you may need to get started.

  • Drill – Use a drill to make the center of eyeballs, or other holes in a pumpkin. It’s impressive how much better a round drilled hole looks over an awkwardly knife cut hole.
  • Jigsaw – The jigsaw is meant to carve pumpkins. Use it in the way that you would use a knife.
  • Sawzall – The pumpkin is thickest at the top and bottom and those areas are toughest to get through. A Sawzall gets the job done in a breeze.
  • Router – A router can be useful for removing the skin of the pumpkin without going all the way through and causing a mess.
  • Dremel Tool – Sawing your way through a complex design or robust pumpkin can leave you with tired arms. If you’re up for detailed carving work, a dremel tool is the V.I.P. of tools.
  • Marker – Nothing fancy, a good Magic Marker will do the trick. If you’re not a decent drawer you should use a pencil to avoid irreversible markings on your pumpkin.
  • Goggles – We recommended safety goggles when using power tools. We don’t want your Halloween fun to turn into something extremely spooky.

OK, time to take your pumpkin to unBOOlievable heights…

  • Start with drawing your pattern on your pumpkin. You can always trace your pattern if you don’t trust your skills or use trace paper for clean and clear lines.
  • Cut out the top opening with your jigsaw. Just plunge the blade straight into the pumpkin and go for it.
  • Use your trusty drywall saw to remove pumpkin guts and seeds. Handle those seeds with care, you may want to roast them later.
  • Drill your holes using a small drill bit first, but don’t press too hard, or you may end up with a smashed pumpkin.
  • Change your drill bit to a larger size to cut additional face holes. Again, don’t put too much pressure on the drill.
  • Embellish the face mask pattern with the router. The small grinding attachment works well for removing just the first layer of the pumpkin skin.
  • Add even more detail with your dremel. This is where your creativity comes into play.
  • Finally, light it up by placing a candle or flameless tea light in the pumpkin and set it on your front stoop or in a window.

Carving pumpkins with power tools is a huge time saver and a creative outlet. You will be inclined to make it a seasonal hobby because power tools make much more fun in less time than using hand tools. I suggest that if you own any of the power tools listed above that you try carving with them this Halloween, then share your works of art on social media and tag Design Studio by Raymond on Instagram and Facebook.