Introducing the newest innovation from Andersen® Windows & Doors in stylish home security: The Andersen Connect VeriLock®, providing smart home solutions for increased security, improved energy efficiency, and peace of mind. Andersen Connect makes it easy by helping you monitor what comes into your home, making you more relaxed, comfortable and confident about the safety of your home.

What are they? They’re sensors hidden underneath window and door hardware that notify you when your windows and doors are open.

Where can I use them? You can use them in your new or existing windows and doors, located on your patio or inside your home.

Are they energy efficient? According to Andersen® , windows that are closed but unlocked lose air at a rate of 3x more that of a closed and locked window. Being able to see what windows and doors are open/closed, unlocked/locked will help you manage your home’s energy efficiency more effectively.

Do they look nice? Yes – the design bleeds into hardware so well you may not even notice them. VeriLock® sensors are wireless and come in a range of colors to complement any Andersen® hardware finishes and home decors.

Learn more here or contact us for more information about installing Andersen Connect VeriLock® sensors in your home.