As Florida residents, we are all too aware of the possible impact of storms and severe weather can have on our homes. If you’re interested in superior defense against severe weather, consider Andersen Windows + Doors.

These top-of-the-line window and door products are designed to expertly protect and enhance your home. Design Studio by Raymond is proud to offer Andersen Windows + Doors for clients looking for the benefits of storm safety, as well as energy efficiency and elegant design. Read on to learn more about the many product benefits, including six reasons why you should consider Andersen Windows + Doors for your coastal home.

Energy Efficient

coastal windows andersen windows and doors

For homeowners looking to maximize their energy efficiency, the A-Series Coastal Windows & Doors are a top choice. The A-Series are the most energy-efficient products offered by Andersen Windows + Doors. Not only do they save energy, the A-Series products are equipped with Stormwatch protection and hidden structural reinforcements to withstand harsh coastal conditions.

Flexible Design

Custom Andersen Windows and Doors

Design Studio by Raymond understands that you may need windows and doors customized for the unique design of our home. The E-Series Coastal Windows & Doors can be made to your exact specifications, allowing for unmatched design flexibility and freedom. You can also choose from numerous different colors, finishes and hardware. 

Durable & Beautiful

400 Series Coastal Windows

If you’re looking for gorgeous windows and doors that will stand up to coastal conditions with minimal upkeep required, the 400 Series Coastal Windows from Andersen Windows + Doors are for you. An excellent value, the 400 Series has been used for over 50 years and provide reliable performance for the harshest weather conditions. Exteriors never need painting, and they repel water and resist dents.

Stylish and Seamless

Weiland Coastal Doors

The Weiland Coastal Doors from Andersen Windows + Doors are perfect for those wanting to make the most of their coastline view. This product line offers large, floor-to-ceiling windows and pocketing systems to allow seamless integration with your outdoor living area. Choose from customized size options, wood finishes, colors and glass selections.

Strong & Secure


The Silver Line Impact-Resistant Weather Stopper window is the ideal solution for any homeowner looking to install stylish and functional windows in their new or existing home. The Silver Line products feature sleek designs to complement any home as well as rugged performance and reliability. With two product series to choose from, you’ll have the very best options to fit your design and safety needs.

 Variety of Glass Options

For the toughest window and door protection, Andersen Windows + Doors offers four Coastal Glass options within their different product series:

  • Low-E4 Impact-Resistant Glass features monolithic impact-resistant glass and insulated air space
  • Low-E4 SmartSun Impact-Resistant Glass features all the above as well as a UV filter to shield homes from the sun’s rays
  • Low-E4 Sun Impact-Resistant Glass features all the above as well as tinting for maximum protection from intense sunlight
  • Low-E4 SmartSun Monolithic Impact-Resistant Glass features all the above as well as clear plastic laminate between two panes to resist impact, forced entry and noise.

If you are interested in exploring or purchasing the Andersen Windows + Doors products, contact Design Studio by Raymond or visit one of our showrooms in Southwest Florida! Click here to contact us today or call us at (239) 278-1334.

Photos provided by Andersen Windows & Doors.