Watch out red, blue is the new door color trend this year! Homeowners are getting customized colorful doors in all different shades of blue. Are you ready to get color-creative with a custom door? At Design Studio by Raymond, we can provide impact rated units that are engineered to offer safety, security and peace of mind without compromising style.

Homeowners are switching to blue doors to enhance their front entry way by making the door pop. The blue-hues are complementing to the roof, siding, trim, pavers or give you a little architectural embellishment. Whether you are going for a beach, traditional or a natural look, any blue-hue can further liven up your exterior.

Not only is it important to have an aesthetic entry way but it is integral to have a front door that is secure and safe. Did you know that 34% of home intruders enter through the front door? Most older model doors allow intruders to kick in a door to gain entry, and don’t protect against the environment. At Design Studio by Raymond, we provide hurricane rated units that are engineered to offer safety and security. Our design consultants are knowledgeable to offer you brands that are kick proof and have UV resistant glass that eliminate the fading of fine furniture, draperies and carpets.

Styles we love:

Photographs Courtesy of Houzz

Homeowners can have it all, from colorful doors to doors that provide security. Contact us online or visit us at our Naples showroom to check out our brands and one of our product specialists can help.