Spring has arrived and so has the heat. Your windows could be letting in sound, scent and heat which could be affecting your electrical bill. In Southwest Florida, most windows that are not energy efficient are responsible for 25%-30% of energy use, allowing heat to enter your home. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing energy efficient windows in your home.

Better Insulation

Energy-efficient windows allow you to have your home at a comfortable temperature without overworking your AC. You might be surprised at how well they form a barrier to the outdoor elements which eliminates “hot spots” in rooms. Design Studio by Raymond, we can help you get the best energy-efficient window based on your needs and budget.

Better for the Environment

Energy-efficient windows allow for lower energy usage, requiring less power that is generated by fossil-fuel sources, and making your home eco-friendly. Design Studio by Raymond understands how to support homeowners looking to maximize their energy efficiency by using Anderson Windows + Doors products. For over 100 years, Andersen has built a reputation for environmental stewardship and energy-efficient products. In fact, Andersen has been part of the ENERGY STAR program since it started and was the first window manufacturer to be named an ENERGY STAR National Window Partner of the Year in 1999.

Save Money

When switching to energy-efficient windows you consume less energy cooling your home, saving you money on your electric bill. But did you know that you could save money in other areas too?  Some home insurances offer tax credit for upgrading to energy-efficient windows plus if you choose Anderson Windows + Doors at Design Studio by Raymond, you will receive windows that helps you reduce maintenance, painting and the need for replacement, saving you resources and energy in the long run.

Top Choice

The A-Series Coastal Windows are the most energy-efficient products offered by Andersen Windows + Doors. Not only do they save energy, the A-Series products are equipped with Stormwatch® protection and hidden structural reinforcements to withstand harsh coastal conditions.

Ready to replace your windows with energy efficient windows? We can handle even the most complicated circle tops, elliptical, and transoms. Contact us online or visit us at our Naples showroom so our product specialists can help!